Tuesday, May 30, 2006

perfect light axiom #49

states that after a perfect light, you'll be late on your next run...i.e. Karen Stoffer at Columbus. Karen had her first NHRA national event perfect light in round one against Shawn Gann...next round cut an uncharacteristic .088 light and lost on her first NHRA national event holeshot 7.112 to Matt Guidera's 7.125. BTW, Karen is 5-1 in the holeshot w/l category.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Bazemore v. Capps

Couldn't resist some stats on the matchup...
Bazemore is ahead in the overall matchup (racing funny cars I mean). They have raced each other 35 times since 1997. Whit leads with a win/loss record of 20-15. Whit also leads in first round wins with a 11-4 record. In final round matchups they are even 2-2. Whit has won in the finals over Capps at ETOWN 2003 and Seattle in 2001. Ron's 2 wins over Whit in the finals came at Memphis in 2000 and Brainerd in 2001. Capps owns a quicker et and mph against Bazemore, his best are a 4.743 and 323.66 to Whit's best of 4.780 321.42.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Scott Geoffrion Final Stats and Bob Glidden

Bob Glidden has never beaten Bill Glidden, Mike Edwards and Dester Cambron. His next worst record was against Scott. Out of 56 unique drivers since 1987, Bob has only losing records to 10 different drivers. As noted in my previous post, Bob was 4-13 versus Scott.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Scott Geoffrion Final Stats

Very Sad!
W/L - 174-135 56% Win pct
Qualified at 144 events, best NHRA et 6.728 and best mph 204.82, both numbers recorded at ETOWN in 2003.
19 #1's
Won 9 events and runner-upped at 19
One of Scott's best winning percentages was a 13-4 record against Bob Glidden!
I'm sorry for the loss.

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