Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 NHRA Stats

Hello Everyone:
I'll be posting a few stats from 2010 over the next few weeks:

tf - i bet you didn't know that there were 40 different drivers that QUALIFIED for 23 different events, but only 11 drivers qualified for 13 or more of them
fc - i bet you didn't know that del worsham lost on 4 holeshots and that tony pedregon won on 4
ps - i bet you didn't know that greg stanfield won 12 rounds on holeshots...you knew he was good, but not that good...come on!...but not the most ever in a season...most ever holeshot wins in a season goes to dave connolly, in the 2006 season...13 wins
psb - you knew there has been a lot of redlights in psb, but i bet you didn't know that the number is down this year from previous years...56 redlights in 2010, down from 71 in 2009 and 72 in 2008

have a great day...jim


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