Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NHRA 4th round 2009

has been quite different in all 4 classes this year...statistically through the years, in the final round, both drivers are full throttle, heads up and neither goes up in smoke. And usually the quickest wins (not holeshots or redlights).
The race at Etown proved this out and got me to checking the stats...All pro rounds at Etown were decided by lights..3 holeshot 1 redlight.
Here is a recap of final rounds in 2009 decided by lights:
Top fuel - Antron Brown redlights at Etown; Tony Schumacher wins on a hole shot over Cory Mac at Houston.
Funny car - Del Worsham beats Ron Capps on a holeshot at St. Louis and Tony Pedregon beats Ashley Force at Etown; Mike Neff losses on a redlight to Ron Capps at Phoenix
Pro stock car - 3 redlight win/losses this year...Jeg on the upside of those...self-inflicted victims being Mike Edwards at Chicago, Jason Line at St. Louis, and Greg Stanfield at Vegas. 3 holeshot win/losses this year...Jeg over Edwards at Etown, Jason Line over Allen Johnson at Gainesville, and Allen Johnson over Mike Edwards at Topeka
Pro stock bike - Craig Treble winning on a holeshot over Eddie Krawiec at Etown.


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