Friday, July 17, 2009

Pro Stock Recession

Yes, the six second barrier was broken in Denver and pounded by Allen Johnson, but economic constraints have finally hit pro stock. Denver usually gets a boat load of cars (20-25) for every event. We were "lucky" to have 16 cars at Denver....the final two qualifying spots held by NHRA elimination virgins Mark Buehring and Danny Gruninger taking those spots.

So, besides the screwed up weather wise events of the fall Dallas 2000 and the second Pomona event in 2002, this event overtakes this years Pomona event (where one round of qualifying stats produced a gap of .244).

After 4 rounds of qualifying at Denver 2009 the gap between #1 and #16 was .248.

Worst qualifying difference between #1 and #16 I have in my 23 year database!

By the way, in my stat coverage since 1987, there never has been a short field in pro stock...I have a bad feeling that may change this year. The recession is hitting everyone!


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