Monday, May 15, 2006

Bazemore v. Capps

Couldn't resist some stats on the matchup...
Bazemore is ahead in the overall matchup (racing funny cars I mean). They have raced each other 35 times since 1997. Whit leads with a win/loss record of 20-15. Whit also leads in first round wins with a 11-4 record. In final round matchups they are even 2-2. Whit has won in the finals over Capps at ETOWN 2003 and Seattle in 2001. Ron's 2 wins over Whit in the finals came at Memphis in 2000 and Brainerd in 2001. Capps owns a quicker et and mph against Bazemore, his best are a 4.743 and 323.66 to Whit's best of 4.780 321.42.


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