Friday, March 03, 2006


Jose Sway was mercifully axed on American Idol last night. The only other person I have heard of or known is Joe is Joe's stats from 1987 to 1989...the last year he qualified. As you can see, Joe made it to the 2nd round 4 times, only to lose each time. His best qualifying spot was #4 at Seattle in 1988. Joe has a rare stat...qualifying lower than 16 and racing the next day, under old NHRA rules. Joe did this at Reading in 1987, qualifying #17. Joe ran 18 rounds and red-lit 5 times, over 25% of the time. Joe split his 4 wins over each type of win. One good, one aborted win, one holeshot, one on an opponent redlight.


At 7:23 PM, Blogger Bill Pratt said...

Joe was one of the owners of Atco Raceway in New Jersey (along with jet car racer Bob Van Sciver). Just another hard running car trying to survive in drag racing's most brutal class.


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