Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Bob Vandergriff National Event win watch is over!

after 222 events, Bob has won one! Awesome...he's now 1-13 in final rounds. Question is, why isn't that the top NHRA story? He's been racing since 1994. Won his first event in 17 years?

Who's next on the list to watch among active drivers..Top fuel - Clay Millican 106 events since 1999 0-4 in final rounds

Monday, September 19, 2011

Here are a few stats for topfuel after Charlotte...

We have had 17 events this year and 36 different drivers qualifying for them thus far...

Low e.t. 3.770 for the year was run by Larry Dixon at the first event of the year, in qualifying! Tony S. missed by .001 at Charlotte, but did set top speed of the year with a 327.90
AND Tony owns best light, so far this year, with a .011 @ Brainerd in a losing effort in the final...and speaking of Tony he has had a rough year in the final round...0-6 this year.

Even rougher for Troy Buff, who hasn't gotten by the first round yet, with a 0-7 first round record.

On the bright side, Antron Brown has NOT lost a first round of racing.

Most lopsided w/l record this year...Brown v. Kalitta...Brown is 6-0 versus Doug.

The Bob Vandergriff first national event win WATCH continues...Bob did make it to the final round @ Topeka, but lost to Spencer Massey
Bob sits at qualifying for 221 events, since 1994, sans a win and 0-13 in final rounds..we are pulling for ya!

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