Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Girls are NOT alright in Vegas

It wasn't a good weekend for the NHRA female drivers/riders in Las Vegas last weekend.

Every female driver lost on holeshots, except two, and they lost on mental errors.

In Top Fuel -
Melanie Troxel lost twice to quicker e.t.'s, once in the shootout and in the 2nd round to Brandon Bernstein:
B Bernstein, Right lane, (0.048) 4.566 327.43 def. M Troxel, (0.094) 4.561 326.79

In Funny Car -
Ashley Force lost in the final:
T Pedregon, Left lane, (0.070) 4.871 318.47 def. A Force, (0.130) 4.829 298.93

In Pro Stock Bike -
Karen Stoffer timed out, Angelle Sampey red lit and Peggy LLewellyn lost in the 2nd round to a holeshot:
Matt Smith, Right lane, (0.012) 7.134 184.60 def. Peggy Llewellyn, (0.080) 7.117 185.92

YIKES! The girls are not alright.


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