Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Just a few thoughts from the WinterNationals

  • I like the ticker floating across the top reviewing what happened in previous rounds
  • Way too much focus on Ashley Force and showing her dad hugging over and over again...I like her and I know it's a big story, but the first few events I want to see the new sponsors and paint schemes and this was left out
  • I know it's rough out there, but how do major funded teams like Kenny Bernstein, Del Worsham and Clay Millican fail to qualify?
  • Why did so many fuel cars go up in smoke? Was the track that green?
  • One thing that is cool about the first few events is that anyone can win...most teams take a few races to gel, even tho they have been together for several years...witness Tony Schu. losing in the first round...

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