Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A few Denver notes:

1. Of course that wasn't Gary Densham's first #1. During the "Force Years" he qualified #1 8 times.
2. All of the talk about six second pro stock runs, which I predicted (really the stats did), did not materialize, mainly because of the weather. But if you wanted to see a six second door slammer, why wasn't anyone watching Vinnie Deceglie's six second #1 qualifier A/A car in comp? A very stout car, but Vinnie redlit in round one.
3. Jim Jannard - stood underneath the tower watching Saturday's first round of qualifying and cheering on Scelzi. I'm very thankful for his involvement in drag racing...his stats: Forbes: #606 richest in the world and #207 in America. Thanks Jim!
4. Bud and Denver don't mix...Brandon lost to Scott Kalitta on a holeshot in 2004, in 2005 after qualifying #1, "lost" to Rob Passey, when the engine failed after the burnout, and was outrun by #14 qualifier Mike Stasburg in round 1 this year.


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