Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Melanie Troxel

winner of Sportswoman Of Year by Women’s Sports Foundation...

The local papers still say she lives in Littleton Colorado, but she actually last lived in my home town of Parker Colorado...

Almost every news bit starts with "The Denver native (or Colorado native) now calls Avon, Ind home...Colorado must be a good place to live don't you think? Even tho it is snowing today...but rarely do you hear the Des Moines or Newark native...

Her stats thru Virginia...
Ranking Stat Number
5 Average Qualifying position 7.1
2 Average Elasped Time 4.598
4 Winning % 63.5%
2 Average Number of Rounds per event 2.5
5 % of Non-Aborted Elim Runs 81%

and here's the stat you didn't know...she's been to the final round more times than any other top fuel driver this year...8 times...but has lost 6 times..


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