Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Holeshot Hat-tricks

First of all, keep Eric Medlen's family in your prayers! God will hear your prayers!

what i'm talking about the one Karen Stoffer pulled off in Gainesville on Sunday...3 holeshots on the way to a win...if you thought this has never happened before and you'd be wrong...and you'd really be wrong if you thought one driver had NOT done this twice and/or a fuel driver had done this here are the fact, i nearly didn't check the fuel classes, i thought there would be no way...BUT Jim Head pulled it off in Memphis in 1997...holeshoting Eddie Hill, big Mike Dunn and Larry Dixon on his way to winning the event. Butch Leal at Montreal in 1988 and Kurt Johnson at Memphis in 1998 got all the way to the finals on three holeshots, only to lose in the 4th round.
Now MAYBE the surprise driver holding two holeshot hat tricks AND winning the same event...this driver with a lifetime 23-23 holeshot Marnell...Memphis 2001 and Pomona I marnell won from the 16th spot, like karen, at pomona in 2002

see the attached images of the events...
Interesting too, that out of the 6 hattrick holeshots mentioned, 3 occur in mus be the bbq!

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